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2012 Summary

Brief summary of the project achievements in 2012 year

Baikal (800x600).jpgWithin the scope of the Project according to 2012 work plan there were 17 themes under performance, provided by the following organizations:

  • state scientific and educational institutions, such as Faculty of Geography (Moscow State University), Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (Ulan-Bator), Institute of Geoecology of Mongolian Academy of Sciences (Ulan-Bator), Mongolian Institute of Water Research and Development (Ulan-Bator), Limnological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (Irkutsk), Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk State Technical University, Baikal Institute of Nature Management of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ulan-Ude), Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude), Buryat State Academy of Agriculture (Ulan-Ude), Budget Institution “BurPriroda” (Ulan-Ude), Zabaikalsky State Pedagogical University (Chita), Hydrochemical Institute of RosHydromet (Rostov-on-Don).
  • non-governmental organizations, such as ANO “Center of International Projects” (Moscow), Mongolia Water Forum-ushelts (Ulan-Bator), RPO “Baikal Ecotourism Association” (Moscow), Youth Artistic Theatre (Ulan-Ude).


During implementation of the Project in 2012 there were 13 individual contracts with Russian and Mongolian experts of water resource management, interaction of surface waters and underground waters, biodiversity preservation in mining and tourism, Baikal basin hot spots, climate change on the Baikal nature territory, communication and public awareness of environment pollution and tourism development, training programs development and stakeholders’ self-assessment.

Moreover, 3 contracts with international experts have been concluded (as per Project document) for the following tasks:

  • Preparation of Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis according to requirements of international organizations financing the Project;
  • Carrying out of analysis of international cooperation in the field of transboundary water resources between Russia and Mongolia, detection of gaps in legal and institutional issues;
  • Interaction of surface waters and underground waters (sub-contract with UNESCO).


The Project participates in different events relevant to its goals and tasks, as well as it supports their organization. Totally in 2012, Project implementation bureau staff took part in 29 events. Moreover 50 media sources have published information about project activities.The list of such events is available on the project web site.

The Project web-site has been launched. It works in Russian, Mongolian and English. Information is regularly updated.

Approved first year budget is 1 083.377 USD. Expenditure by the end of 2012: 1,020,937 USD. Approved first year budget of the Project was realized by 94 %.

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