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Model Database

Database for modeling and simulation of pollutants transport in the Baikal basin waters.
Model Database

drainage-basin topography

Executors: Moscow State University, Baikal Institute of Nature Management (Russian Academy of Sciences). End of works: December 15, 2012.

Final products:

  • Complex geoinformation system “the Selenga basin, based on ARCGIS software compatible with attributive data base”.
  • Measured pollution content in the Selenga basin rivers within historical data.
  • Set of maps of actual condition (pollution content) of the Selenga basin river system within the observation period (literature references) and according to the data of Moscow State University 2011-2012 expeditions (maps of water run-off characteristics, suspended and tractional loads, chemical elements in the Selenga basin).

The work completed. ARCGIS data base has been developed and presented to the Project management bureau.

Download the Final Report (RUS)

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