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The Strategic Action Program

Experts (Russia and Mongolia)


Being developed in 2013, the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of the Lake Baikal basin ecosystem threats was a basis for development of the 2014 Strategic Action Program (SAP), which includes joint Russian-Mongolian actions for strengthening of the Lake Baikal basin ecosystem protection. By now a draft SAP has been developed by joint efforts of Russian and Mongolian experts and has been submitted to the Ministry of nature resources of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of environment and green development of Mongolia. That draft SAP defines conception and strategic goals and objectives of the Program, as well as determines 6 basic components, including:

- protection, restoration and sustainable management of main water and terrestrial habitats;

- pollution reduction and water quality improvement;

- rational use of fish, hunting and other wild nature resources;

- control and prevention of biological invasions;

- adaption to climate change consequences;

- natural disaster readiness.

Strategic objectives (in total 16) are defined for each component. There are strategic actions and key indicators to objectives performance.

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