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Selenga Delta - bentos

Study on the Selenga Delta habitat and the health of the benthic zone
Selenga Delta - bentos

Selenga Delta

Executor: Irkutsk state university.

End of works: November 25, 2012.

Final products:

- Analysis of hydrological, hydrochemical, microbiological, hydrobiological and ichthyological indicators of the Selenga Delta benthic zone.

- Assessment of aboriginal and invasive benthophage fishes’ impact on benthos structure and its quantity indicators.

The work completed. Nourishment of main benthophage fishes has been analyzed, their impact on structure of benthic organisms has been estimated.

No particular impact on zoobenthos of aboriginal species and such introduction species as Amur carp, bream and Amur catfish, has not been detected.

At the same time, practically all age groups of Amur sleeper considerably influence zoobenthos organisms so greatly that by autumn period all benthos organisms are eaten by Amur sleeper. There are recommendations for control of this phenomenon.

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