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Satellite analysis and identification of abandoned cattle mortuaries

Institute of general and experimental biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare in the Republic of Buryatia, and (Russia) Irkutsk Anti-plague Research Institute (Russia)

Within the scope of work implementation the following objectives have been achieved:

  • Analysis of archived materials from executive bodies, literature and cartographical sources, local public opinion survey;
  • Analysis of remotely sensed data of Barguzinsky and Kurumkansky districts;
  • Support of veterinary control inspection of Buryatia in soil sampling for microbiological analyses, using remotely sensed data from selected places;
  • Carrying out of soil samples microbiological analysis in government licensed laboratories for identification of anthrax strains and other special danger infection.

Specific deliverables:

According to the remotely sensed data and analysis two anthrax cattle mortuaries, which need special conservation for prevention of possible infection outbreak, have been identified.

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