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Baikal Information Center (BIC)

Baikal Institute of Nature Management, Russia Orkhon River Basin Council, NGO, Mongolia

This activity started in 2013 and will continue in 2014. In 2013 the following results were delivered:

  • BIC web portal was launched.
  • Information support for the BIC web portal was provided in English, Russian and Mongolian.
  • GIS hardware was purchased for both countries.
  • BIC information data exchange protocol for Mongolia based on  conception and informational structure of BIC was developed;
  • Protocol was distributed between stakeholders and approved;
  • Endorsement letters from relevant stakeholders were received;
  • Based on approved data exchange protocol basin data were collected and uploaded into BIC portal.

In 2014 this activity is expected to deliver the following results:

  • Continuation of the BIC web portal maintenance.
  • Purchasing of GIS software (ArcView).
  • Development the structure of a biennial report on the state of the environment of the Baikal Basin for 2012-2013 years (BBBR) jointly with the Russian and Mongolian.
  • Preparation of 2012-2013 BBBR in English, Russian and Mongolian.
  • Publication of 2012-2013 BBBR in English, Russian and Mongolian.


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