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“Baikal treasure” learning kit in Russia and Mongolia

Baikal information center “Gran” (Russia)

In 2014 Baikal information center “Gran” within the scope of the UNDP-BonAqua Project “Every drop matters” completed work on English version of learning kit “Baikal treasure” for pupils of junior and medium age.

With the support of the Lake Baikal Project a seminar for teachers of Mongolia has been organized in Ulaanbaatar and 50 kits in English and 10 kits in Russian, as well as disks with movie “Baikal without boundaries” in Russian and Mongolian have been handed to the participants. Besides this, international seminar “Ecological education on lakeside territories: experience and innovative technologies”, dedicated to presentation of English version of the “Baikal treasure”, has been held.

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