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About project

Specially protected nature areas (SPNA) cover 33% of Lake Baikal and include nature reserves, nature sanctuaries, and national parks. There are several nature reserves and national parks located in and around Lake Baikal which together are THE PRECIOUS NECKLACE OF BAIKAL: the Baikalsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, the Barguzinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, the Baikalo-Lensky State Nature Reserve, the Dzherginsky State Nature Reserve, the Sokhondinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, the Daursky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, the Alkhanaisky National Park, the Zabaikalsky National Park, the Pribaikalsky National Park, and the Tunkinsky National Park.

The media concept bearing the same name, the PRECIOUS NECKLACE OF BAIKAL, developed under the Baikal project is to raise awareness of the people of Russia and the public in other countries about the current state and prospects of developing tourism in nature reserves and national parks of the Baikal region (Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk Oblast , Zabaikalsky Krai). This is an area of unique flora and fauna, and magnificent landscapes. Special focus is put on eco-trails that lend visitors a possibility to enjoy nature in its pristine state.

For the purposes of implementing this concept, expeditions have been arranged to all the nature reserves and national parks of the area, and professional photographers have been hired to conduct photo and video shoots of the main landscapes, tourist routes, and eco-trails.

The Atlas of Culture Project has produced THE PRECIOUS NECKLACE OF BAIKAL documentary. The special edition of the World of Baikal Magazine has been produced and published which is a welcome addition to the Documentary and it describes all the SPNAs in and around Lake Baikal and lists the ecotours that lead through such areas. The documentary and the magazine have been produced both in the English and Russian languages. In addition, separate promotion video clips have been created for each protected area.

Major responsible project partner is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Russian Federation). Additionally this project is supported by the Russian Geographical Society, the Baikal Institute of Nature Management of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal, Metropol Group of Companies.

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